Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This was Ryan's very first official fathers day!! It was so much fun! We were lucky to have had Aaron, Rebecca & Adam here too, to celebrate the wonderful day, and it was Aaron's first fathers day as well! Since we couldn't convince them to have breakfast in bed together we had a breakfast bar, which included ..pancakes, omelets, bacon, fruit, and for dessert we had maple bacon cupcakes...Yum!!! We also  had creamy root beer, and a mason jar full of treats! Thank goodness for pinterest to help be plan this fun filled morning!!!
The delicicious creamy root beer.. This is Aarons favorite kind of pop!

maple bacon cupcakes...I know weird but they are surprisingly delicious!!!

Fruit & amazing fruit dip!!
The boys enjoying breakfast!

Mason & Ryan with his mason jar full of goodies!!

Father's day turned out just great! I think i had the most fun... hahah but that's besides the point. Mason is so lucky to have such an amazing Dad. Mason gets so excited every time he gets home from work and laughs and laughs. Ryan can get Mason to laugh more then me... im secretly jealous but love it all at the same time! Ryan's the best and I am so grateful for him and all he does for our family! Happy Father's Day

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun fun fun!

So this week or so we had so many fun adventures!! Mason attended his first birthday party (khloes) and had a blast !!!

Today we got to go to liberty park with some friends! We went to the aviary feed the birds and watch the bird show! I even volunteered in the show and got to feed another bird!! My favorite bird was the flamingos they are so interesting and I have never seen one in real life (well that I can remember) We are so glad we have such good friends after enjoying the birds we cooled down at the splash pad!! Then headed over to the paddle boats. What an adventurous day. Mason loved it he was soo good all day! And now he's in bed asleep lets hope he sleeps better tonight!

As for his sleeping habits.. We have been having the hardest time to get him to sleep. We try the Ferber method (cry it out) and it just is to hard to let him cry himself back to sleep at 1 in the morning.we have tried the CIO for about 2 weeks and mason still crud for over an hour... I finally gave up on this method when one might he got sick and I felt sooo bad I just cried!!! I feel so bad for Ryan bc he's so sleep deprived and still goes to work everyday with a smile! So we are trying a couple of new methods the no tear where I pick him up when he crys then put him back down when he's calm and repeat as needed... Let's be honest tonight is the first night and I'm sure it will be over 100 of pick up and put downs put I'll try anything over the CIO method right now! Also we are trying to dream feed him at 10 right before we go to bed to see if it helps him sleep longer! I serious feel like no one has as hard of a time getting their baby to bed as we do! Everyone makes it sound soo easy!! Reality check!!!! Baby's are not easy!!!! They are not dolls they are so special but need you all the time!! I mean all the time!! But I wouldn't give it up for anything I love my little mason! And I'm even more in love with our little family!

Summer is here with soo many fun things to do! We also have family coming this weekend which we are so excited about !!! Ok enough enough until next time!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today was a very successful day!!! I made treats to test before masons baby blessing on got my mothers day gifts done!!!

As for the treats I made Andy's mints chocolate chip cookies found on pinterest from the blog six sisters!! I love their blog!!! And it's only 4 ingredients!!! Soo easy!!!

Earlier today I got pictures printed f for the mothers day gift! I'm making photo blocks!! They are soo cute and inexpensive!! I found everything at the wood connection my new favorite store!!! So many fun craft stuff!! I hope they love them as much I do!!

I can't write on my blog without writing about Mason!!! Mason is 4 months old now and he tried eating for the first time!! We made rice cereal! He ate it he didn't hate it but not sure he loved it!!! His 4 months appt is on the 22nd of may I'm guessing hes about 13lbs!! He's getting so big he plays with his toys he can almost sit up by himself we always go outside and play!! And he loves being outside!!

On Sunday we will have masons baby blessing and for the party afterward I'm doing a where the wild things are theme!!! It's going to be so fun and cute!!! I can't wait!! I'm trying to get everything together luckily I have the help of Kate she has such good ideas!! Let the planning begin!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's a wonderful life.

Saturday is always one of our favorite days it's the day Ryan's home and we always do something so fun! We went to lunch with some friends, we were planning on going to the tulip festival but couldn't justify spending 10 dollars on the entry fee when you can go to the temple and see beautiful flowers I love my life! I have a wonderful family a handsome husband and a beautiful baby and Ofcorse our wonderful friends!!

This week I started on the mothers day gifts im making !! I'm hoping the pictures will get here in time but if not it will be worth the wait! Also we went to the goodwill grand opening were I got my beautiful vintage mirror for six bucks and I love it!! I'll post a picture below!!

Anyways I know I'm super random in my writing but I always forget to write on my blog and end up having so much to say!

So I always make something new to cook every week and this week I cooked chicken wrapped in bacon I found the recipe on pinterest and it looked amazing bit I honestly wasn't in love! So this week was a fail!! For next week I'll be baking a Heath mini cupcakes and I'm so excited!!

Ok but now about our adorable little mason it's amazing how much he can do now!! I love noticing his milestones!! He plays with his toes, he actually plays with his toys and reaches out to grab stuff he is babbling alittle bit more we have been working on a scheduale we have bathtime at 8 then storytime then bottle the bed its been a struggle but has been alot better then before im not good at the whole cry it out method but i try it in small pieces but yea Mason favorite part of the day is story time he loves story time he gets so into it he loves the colors his favorite book is heaven is having you! I've been working on his baby book which is coming along great just needs to get the pictures in the mail from shutterfly!!!

That's what's going on right now I'll be sure to post more in a week I promise!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another successful week!!

Ewww can I say... I'm so displeased by the fact that it's the middle of march already!!! Well this week has been so great it's only Tuesday but we had a great weekend and so many fun things are happening this week!!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of going over to Angela and Mikes house for supper, she made the best enchiladas they will be on the list of things to make for supper since ofcorse im always looking for new things to make!!! We had a little family home evening lesson on Jonah and the whale!! And little Khloe is such a good talker she just loves talking its so cute!!! And this week Angela and I are planing to go to the quilted bear for our little play date this week super excited!!

Mason is learning to smile and it's the cutest thing he's just growing so much !! He's learning and recognizing how to grab stuff !!! His favourite is my hair!!! Haha atleast thats how it feels!!

Ryans busy working hard every day and studying hard!! I'm so proud of him!!

And this coming weekend were going to moab bc Nani is running a half marathon!! So we get to go see them this weekend and we are looking forward to our little trip!!! We're planning on going to the arches or on a little hike if the weather is nice that is!! ..but I'll let you no what we do!

Anyways that's life so far this week!!' Masons sound asleep so it's off to cleaning for me!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Life as we know it..!

What an amazing year!!! So much has gone on already! I know I'm horrible at blogging but I'm trying again and hopefully this time it will last!!!

Let's start with our biggest news.. Our newest addition handsome little Mason Vaughan Hall he was born December 31st 2011 at 5:05pm! The labor and delivery was nothing like I expected I it was so much easier... I was in active labor for an hour and a half but bc of the wonderful epidural it was pain free .. The worst part was the recovery! It was such a special moment for Ryan and I what an amazing blessing Mason is!! We were lucky to have Nani come up and stay the week after he was born !! Thank goodness for her she was a life saver!! Then Ryan's grandma came for a couple days to help which was o great then the beginning of February we were lucky to have .... Well we don't know what her grandma name is yet .. My mom!! We had a blast and were so lucky we had so many people there to help!!!

So next big event on our list .. Ryan's graduation!! Ryan graduated from the university of Utah this past semester in economics !! And before he graduated he had the privilege of interviewing with 3 different companies.. Edward Jones, Enterprise, and Fidelity! He was offered a position at each of them!!!! He truly is amazing!! Ofcorse he could only pick one and we decided Fidelity would be great! So with that Ryan started his new job at Fidelity on the 27th of February and he is absolutely loving it!! After a long days work he comes home and studies for the series 7 test that he will be taking in a few short weeks!! I am such a lucky girl to have such a wonderful, hard-working, handsome husband!!!

Mason is also doing so good, we went to the doctors the other day for his 2 month appointment he got 3 shots and 1 oral vaccines it was the first time Mason had real tears it was so sad! But he's such a good boy, he is learning to smile and coo and caa which is so cute, he hates tummy time do well be lucky if he ever crawls lol he's 10lbs and 1 oz 22 inches! He's in the 15% for his weight and 22% for his length! He is our little bundle of joy!!

As for me well I get to stay home with the little monkey!! We went for a 2 hour walk yesterday as it was 15* outside !! Poor Ryan he's my little genus pig i jidt love cooking and baking and ive found some recipes thats are going to be a kerper for sure! Today were having a playdate with our friend Angela and her beautiful little girl Khloe then we will be making cream cheese red velvet cupcakes!! Yum!! As for school I took this semester off but will be starting again at the university of Utah next semester .. I haven't declared my major yet .. I just don't know what I should study.. Decisions decisions!

Anyways that's our wonderful life we have so many wonderful blessings in our life !!!